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Yellow Fever Outbreak in Nigeria

Following the recent news of the Yellow Fever Outbreak alert for Nigeria, we would like to extend our sympathies to those affected and clarify what cover may be available.
We always advise all travellers to check the FCO’s advice for their chosen destination and the current advice on this matter can be found here:
For residents of Ireland please follow the advice of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade as follows:
This type of event is unfortunately not covered across the travel insurance industry for claims relating to cancellation. This is because most policies have the following exclusion relating to cancellation “the fear of an epidemic, pandemic, infection or allergic reaction”.
We would advise travellers who have booked package holidays to a destination affected by the viral outbreak and looking to cancel their trip to contact their travel agent or tour operator in the first instance.
If you are not able to amend your trip details and have a medical justification for doing so, we are happy to discuss your situation on a case-by case basis.
Insurance “shifting”
If you are offered an alternative destination and or dates from your travel agent, we are pleased to advise that we will shift your insurance policy to fit the new trip without any administration charges, providing the new trip dates remain to the same location or geographical area. Please call the customer service team on the number listed in your policy wording.
Premium Refunds
In the event that you are unable to move the trip to an alternative destination, and are offered a refund from your travel agent or tour operator, we are happy to offer a full refund of premium on the understanding that no claim is to be made against the policy.
Returning early
If you are considering returning to the UK earlier than originally planned as a result of the viral outbreak, please contact your travel agent or tour operator for information on availability of flights in the first instance.
If you are travelling independently from a tour operator or travel agent, you should make your own arrangements to leave by either altering your return tickets, where possible, or booking onto an alternative commercial flight. Claims for independent traveller’s additional expenses in returning home earlier, where medically justified, will be treated sympathetically.
Please revisit this page on the first working day following this announcement at which point we will be able to provide more tailored information to this incident.
In the event that you have specific questions not answered by this directive, please feel free to contact us on and we will endeavour to offer an answer.

This article was posted on 22-01-2019