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The Best Things About Taipei, Taiwan

I think many of us growing up in the recent decades had all heard of Taiwan before. Most of our clothes and toys had ‘Made in Taiwan’ embedded in them so it was an easy one to remember.
The country Taiwan isn’t just for product creations, it’s a great place to travel too. A small island nation just off Mainland China and only two hours from Hong Kong, Taipei is the capital. Living a tad in the shadows of neighbouring Northeast Asia cities like Shanghai, Tokyo, and Seoul, Taipei goes under the radar.
But that’s exactly why it’s cool to visit.
You can do more than meets the eye in the Taiwanese capital, but after recently visiting I’ve come up with some of the best things about Taipei.
(Remember to learn some Mandarin before you visit!)


Taipei is a prime spot to shop in Taiwan and you can pick up all sorts of bargain goods. From markets to shopping malls, clothes to street food, Taipei is a place you walk, wander and want. Shilin Market is no stranger to tourists for pretty much everything whilst East Metro Mall won’t be a place you’ll need to hide from the sun or bring an umbrella as it’s situated completely underground.

Amazing Street Food

Ask anyone who’s visited Taipei, if you like Asian food then you’ll love the delicacies on offer here. From Taiwan’s famous soup dumplings (xiaolongbao) to pork-peppered buns to cheesy rice noodles, your taste buds will be in overdrive. If you’re a big tea drinker then you might want to try Bubble Tea – it’s a way of life here and incredibly addictive! The best spots to eat your way around are Raohe Market, Gongguan Night Market, and Ximen (read next).

It’s Very Own ‘Times Square’

No trip to Taipei is complete without a visit to its wacky district of Ximen. Nicknamed the ‘Times Square of Taipei’ because of its flashing lights and digital billboards, Ximen is as colorful as it gets in Taipei. Wander down the streets trying all sorts of street food, head to Cinema Street for VIP service to watch a film or find a hidden bar down one of its many alleyways.
Time Square


Wherever you visit in Asia, you want to see some form of its cultural heritage and Asia being Asia, that normally means temples. In Taipei, Longshan Temple is one of the most popular in Taipei and has survived an onslaught of damage since the 1700’s, but has been restored. Another notable temple near Longshan in the Wanhua District is Qingshan Temple is another impressive historic temple built in the before the 20th century. Baoan Temple another must visit in Taipei is UNESCO Heritage certified and highlighted in many of Taipei’s travel guides both online and in print.

New Architecture

Taipei’s most modern and standout attraction, the Taipei 101 is a stunning piece of modern architecture. Up until 2011, it was the worlds tallest building, something that was an incredible status to have considering Taiwan’s small country status. From restaurants to brand stores to supermarkets to an observation deck, as you can imagine there’s plenty of floors to choose from.
Taipei 101

National Parks

If you want a change of scenery from the city districts of Taipei, venturing out to Yangminshan National Park is a worthy substitute. Around 40-minutes out of town by bus, Yangminshan has a bundle of different places to visit from Tulip fields to volcanic fumaroles. If you’re into hiking peaks then make your way to the top of Mount Qixing for epic verdant green views with the city centre of Taipei in the distance.

This article was posted on 17-07-2018