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Daniel Radcliffe’s Newest Movie ‘Jungle’ Is Set in Bolivia – Here’s 4 Things To Do There

Scrolling through all the options, I found the movie ‘The Jungle’ on my video set. Catching up with movies is something I tend to do when I take long haul flights and when I saw this one was on offer to watch for free, I didn’t hesitate to throw myself into this South American epic.


I don’t want to spoilt the movie for those ones who haven’t seen it yet – although it hasn’t been marketed as a Hollywood blockbuster, for everyone to even know about it – but the story is based on a true story of a mans journey through the Bolivian forest. If you like a gripping adventure tale, this is definitely one you’ll enjoy.


I visited Bolivia a few years ago and learnt that it’s full of adventure. If you like the outdoors like I do, then Bolivia is a destination that will certainly lure you to visit.

Visit the Amazon Rainforest

The largest and most well-known rainforest in the world stretches into nine different South American countries, Bolivia being one of them. Although the Amazon is known worldwide, some chunks of the rainforest are still very uncharted still. However, in Bolivia multiple tours run from Rurrenbaque, where you can visit caimans, anacondas, piranhas and more. Bolivia is a place for the intrepid traveller and the Amazon is arguably the ultimate experience.

Mountain Bike ‘Death Road’

According to local statistics it’s estimated over 400 people die per year travelling up, down and through North Yungus Road, earning it the title of ‘ The World’s Most Dangerous Road’. For adventure travellers like me, this just lures me in even more as it might you. What is exciting is you can mountain bike through rugged, mountainous terrain that leads into the lush and narrow roads of the Bolivian jungle. It’s quite the adrenaline rush and the surroundings are truly glorious.
This is a must do if you ever visit Bolivia!

Explore the Uyuni Salt Flats

The Uyuni Flat’s don’t get the adrenaline pumping too much but you should underestimate this natural attraction, as it’s arguably Bolivia’s best. Miles upon miles of outstretched salt fields make this natural phenomenon look like from another planet – or whatever you can imagine the end of the world to look like. Simply stunning, take a tour here and revel in this open-ended stretch of salt. Although, life isn’t common here you will find pink flamingos do live on these terrains!
Fact: The Salar de Uyuni Salt Flats are the world’s largest.

The Highest Capital City in the World

La Paz is Bolivias capital city and officially the highest capital city in the world situated at nearly 12,000ft. It is here that cobbled stones, old buildings, witches markets, secretive alleys and jaw-dropping surroundings that give La Paz are wonderful unique identity. Visitors become fascinated with La Paz and how it is and it’s one of them cities that you’ll certainly be in awe of.
One thing to note about La Paz, being so high means the altitude levels are a lot lower. I personally had some issues with this, so it’s good you know your limits and speak to your doctor before visiting.

This article was posted on 04-07-2018